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Welcome to Crossroad Blues
We are a Supernatural RP site set shortly after the end of season 11. Please take a look around at our Rules, our Plot, and our Canon List. If you have any questions, feel free to pop into our Discord or send a PM to one of our Staff members! You'll probably get more instantaneous answers as Discords sends us alerts to our phones!
Hey Assbutt!
December, 2016
12.2.17 New Plots incoming! We need canon characters!

10.21.17 After dealing with some real life issues, we are back, kids! Grab your guns, knives, and writing utensils - Crossroad Blues is back in action!

09.01.17 Important Admin LOA announcement!

07.04.17 Our Grand Opening!

06.12.17 Art3mis finds the Board wrapper and makes some changes without breaking the site.


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